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Geoff Says…Geoff Robison photoThanks again for reading the EAA Vintage Aircraft Association’s Vintage AirMail e-Newsletter.What are the most important elements of aviation that are important to our Vintage members?Advocacy is a big one, and we are all very fortunate to have an active group of staffers on board at the EAA who will daily engage themselves in making a difference to our Members who are actively engaged in flying Vintage aircraft. They look out for us every day, and for some of these staffers it’s their sole responsibility at EAA.Maybe more importantly, I continuously hear from our Membership, “What does the future hold for General Aviation?”What are each of us doing to personally impact the decline in the pilot population in this country?

I have long been an advocate to personally reach out to the Youth of our Vintage Community.

I strongly believe that this is the best place to start if we want to have a “real” impact! If you can gather these young people around an active ongoing aviation event you can truly make a difference in what their future may hold!

We have an awesome young man in our local Vintage Chapter 37 based in Auburn, Indiana who is currently in his sophomore year at Purdue University. Charlie Waterhouse plans to graduate with a degree in Aerospace Engineering.

This young man is unwavering in his goals. Academically, he has long stood out among his peers, but the day his father brought him to the airport is the day his imagination went wild! It all began at a simple Young Eagles event and that was the day he realized that Aviation was the one thing that excited him more than anything else in his life.

Mark my word here and now, I strongly suspect this young man has what it takes and will become one of our nations next Astronauts. He actually came home for his summer break last year and before he headed back to Purdue in the fall he started and finished his Private Pilot SEL Certification.

The 2014 Grand Champion Gold Lindy for Classic Aircraft was awarded to Dillon Barron of Perry, MO for his 1954 Cessna 170B, N1899C. Dillon happens to be a 17 year old teenager who performed virtually all of the restoration of this aircraft under the tutelage of his father & grandfather. These are but a couple of great examples of our youth’s engagement in Aviation.

There are many more of these young people who likely reside within the structure that we refer to as the Vintage Aircraft Association and we need to reach out to them and provide meaningful encouragement to engage in a manner that enhances the good health of our movement

Always remember, we are better together!Share your passion for Vintage Aircraft at every opportunity.

It is never too early to begin your planning to attend the “World’s Greatest Aviation Event”.

Thanks for being a Member, and we hope to see you at Oshkosh 2015. July 20th thru 26th.

Yes, the adventure lives on!

Geoff Robison

President, EAA Vintage Aircraft Association

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VAA Life Member 12606


In This Issue:

Tech Series: Restoring an Airplane – Part TwoRon Alexander PhotoThere exist a surprising number of classic and antique airplanes that are available for restoration.

The first place I would recommend looking is in Trade-A-Plane or online at Barnstormers.com. Each has an antique section in addition to other sections such as Aeronca, Citabria, Piper, Stearman, Waco, etc.

They offer a large number of flying aircraft, projects, parts and services for all models of airplanes. This is probably the best place to start. In addition, you can obtain a listing of various “Type Clubs” from the Vintage Aircraft Association website. These clubs usually have a listing of airplanes and projects for sale or can direct you to other sources for information. (read more)

Fond Memories of an Oshkosh Airport Kid

Elroy Hilbert Red Barn PhotoThis story is over forty years in the making. I’m not a pilot, mechanic, or plane builder. I am, however, a lifelong aviation enthusiast. I enjoy being around all things aviation…people, places, and things.

It all started in 1970, when the EAA convention moved from Rockford, Illinois to Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I was 8 years old and our family lived adjacent to Wittman Field (my parents still live there).

At age 12, I befriended Elroy Hilbert while hanging out near the Antique/Classic HQ. (read more)

Airport Action: Sebring, FL, EAA Chapter 1240 and Youth

Chapter 1230 imageIt is very well known that the state of Florida has a very active aviation community. Sebring, Florida is no exception.

Most of us are aware of the fly-in held each January highlighting LSA activities. It is the U.S. Sport Aviation EXPO that takes place each January. The event draws aircraft literally from all over the globe. Exhibits of new aircraft designs and special events fill the four days of the “EXPO”.

What you may not be aware of is that EAA Chapter 1240 is located on the airport. This very active chapter was incorporated in 1998 and was originally located in Avon Park, Florida. A few years later it was moved to Sebring Regional Airport (SRA). Upon their initial move the airport provided two T-hangars for the chapter to use rent free to store materials and conduct activities. (read more)

Help Us Expand VAA Oshkosh

As soon as the snow melts we are starting a complete revamp of the south-west corner of Vern Avenue and Wittman Road.

Vintage Entrance photoThe old Membership and Volunteer booths will be replaced with newly constructed facilities with a covered deck on each structure.

We experienced some pretty serious direct line winds this past November that resulted in some serious damage of the VAA marquee sign on that corner. As a result, we decided to reconstruct the entire entryway to the Red Barn and the Vintage Hangar.

Vintage Oshkosh Spring Work Weekends – Join us April 24-26, May 29-31, and June 26-28. No special skills needed. We have jobs for all skill levels. Enjoy good times, good food, and hard work.

Click here to email Vintage Maintenance Chair Michael Blombach if you can help out one of these weekends.

April Mystery Airplane

April Mystery photo

This post World War I biplane should prove a tough one to identify for even our VAA experts who are knowledgeable about airplanes of that era. So give it a try.

Click here or on the image above to view full size and see our other mystery airplanes.

February Mystery Identified

Feb 2015 Mystery Image Wayne Muxlow turned out to be the only one who submitted the correct identification for VAA’s February Mystery Plane as the Douglas Commuter.

This unlikely design of a small, low powered light plane was a total departure from Douglas’ primary efforts in producing military and high performance commercial aircraft at that time.

Very little information is available about this interesting two place sport plane and the following reprint furnished by Wesley Smith is perhaps the best description available to identify this aircraft. It was written by Rene J. Francillion and appeared in McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Since 1920, Volume 1, page 90. The book was originally published by Putnam Aeronautical Books in 1979. (read more)

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