Vintage Administrator


Amy Lemke began her position as Administrative Assistant for the Vintage Aircraft Association on March 11, 2019. Prior to joining the Vintage Aircraft Association, Amy had little experience with aviation. However she enjoys learning new things and hearing the stories behind the airplanes and flying experience of VAA members. In fact, the word “vintage” is what really drew her to the position. She loves the history and culture of all periods of the 20th Century, especially the art and music (you can hear everything from Big Band to Led Zeppelin playing in her office)

In her spare time Amy enjoys drawing, painting, reading, spending time in nature, and the company of friends and family, including her cat and dog. She loves animals and formerly worked at a vet clinic where she was a Receptionist and Veterinary Assistant. In addition, she has worked for financial institutions and a printing company, all specializing in customer service and clerical roles. She enjoys working with people and building relationships. She’s always ready to hear the stories, memories, and experiences that have made VAA members love vintage aircraft!

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EAA Vintage Aircraft Association
P.O. Box 3086
Oshkosh, WI 54903-3086