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Geoff Robisonby Geoff Robison, VAA President
VAA Life Member 12606, EAA Life Member 268346Welcome back to our new updated format for EAA Vintage Aircraft Association’s Vintage AirMail e-Newsletter. Our newsletter team has worked hard for several months to update and modernize our AirMail format to make it easier for you to read and enjoy. I hope you enjoy reading it.The 2016 planning for the Vintage portion of AirVenture is coming together quite nicely again this year, and we are certain to have yet another banner year for the VAA. Your Board of Directors met at the Candler Field Museum in Williamson Georgia for our winter Board Meeting in late February.The Peach State Aerodrome is a fascinating place to walk around as the odor of old aviation is always in the air. They have an airworthy Jenny on the field and one of our very deserving Vintage Volunteers won the raffle for a free flight in the old girl. It turned out that this was Pat Blake’s very first open cockpit flight, and all indications were that she thoroughly enjoyed her time in the old Jenny.
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February Town Hall in Georgia a Huge Success
By Ron Alexander, VAA 27150The Vintage Aircraft Association held their winter Board of Directors meeting at the museum. Board members from all over the country were in attendance for this important meeting that included planning for AirVenture 2016. Jack Pelton also participated in the board meeting along with several VAA members…At 1 PM, Peach State Airport owner Ron Alexander opened the meeting and introduced Geoff Robison, President of Vintage Aircraft Association. Geoff and board member Dave Clark discussed a few issues pertaining to VAA. Geoff then introduced Jack Pelton who presented the group of EAA members and guests with an update on important issues pertaining to our industry. Full story >>

Work weekend photo
First Vintage Oshkosh Work Weekend – April 22-24

The Vintage Maintenance Team under the direction of chairman Mike Blombach will be busy at the first of three scheduled work weekends at Oshkosh.

This year we will be building a front porch for the AirMail shack, a new roof for the Charging Station, completing Tall Pines, and many small projects.

More volunteers are always welcome. We work hard, play hard, eat well, and have a generally fun time. No experience necessary – we have a wide variety of jobs. Learn more >>


Vintage Volunteers photo
AirVenture 2016: Vintage Volunteers Needed

Do you have some free time when attending AirVenture? Would you like the best seat in the house to see the airshow? Want to see our many showplanes close-up?

We are looking for a few good volunteers to assist in our Volunteer Center outside the Red Barn for two or more half-day shifts during AirVenture. If you like to meet people and share the joy of Vintage, this could be the job for you. Right iin the center of the action and one of the best places to watch the airshows. We also have a wide variety of other volunteer positions. Learn more >>

Features Section

April Mystery Airplane

April Mystery Airplane photo

Who can identify this aircraft that appeared in the late 1940s. When sending replies please disclose as much information as possible about the aircraft’s development, specs, performance and history.
Click the image above or link below to view full size, to submit an answer, and to see our past Mystery Planes. Full story >>

Nate Perlman photo
Youth-to-Adult in Aviation: Nathaniel Perlman

Nate says, “I grew up in Oshkosh. And I don’t mean I went to the airshow every year, which I did, I mean my mail was delivered there. I grew up there, worked line service for Basler, volunteered at the EAA museum, went to high school and college there. I’m from Oshkosh.”

Not only from Oshkosh and no longer a “youth” to many, but as the son of long-time Red Barn Chairmen Sandy and Barry Perlman, Nate also grew up at Vintage. Read his first blog installment about the beginning of his love affair with his 1942 Stearman.

Full story >>


February Mystery Solved – the Towle TA-3

February Mystery Airplane

The first correct response received for the April 2016 Mystery Plane was submitted by Wayne Muxlow. He identified the amphibian as the Towle TA-3 which was built during 1930 in Detroit, Michigan by the Towle Aircraft Comany under Group 2 approval #2.291. The 8-place TA-3 was powered with two 225 hp Packard DR-980 diesel engines.

Others who sent correct answers were Arthur Schwedler, Ulrich Rist, Pit Ross, Jim Grant, Thomas Lymburn, Robert Bailey, Dan Shumaker, Bruce Hinds, Dave Austin and Brian Baker. A number of respondents identified the amphibian as a Douglas Dolphin and admittedly the TA-3 does appear somewhat similar to the Douglas design.
Full story >>

Ron Alexander image

Maintaining a Production Airplane – Part Two

by Ron Alexander, VAA 2715

In part one of our discussion on maintaining a production airplane, I provided an overview. We will now discuss the actual maintenance items that you can legally perform on your production airplane as the aircraft owner.

Item number 1—”removal, installation, and repair of landing gear tires.” This preventive maintenance item usually will be outlined in your service manual. Here are a few general suggestions. The primary concern is proper jacking of the aircraft. This is found in your manual. Wheel pants and brake lines should be properly removed and noted for reinstallation. After removal of the wheel, completely deflate the tires before dismounting. Full story >>

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