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Welcome back to the EAA Vintage Aircraft Association’s Vintage AirMail e-Newsletter.

Planning for the 2014 episode of EAA Oshkosh is already beginning to heat up. Your Board of Directors, the many Committee Chairmen and Chairwomen, and the virtually hundreds of Vintage Volunteers are carefully planning the event details, and we are all working hard toward meeting the many goals we have set for ourselves in making this another successful and exceptional event for the EAA and VAA.

A number of very exciting vintage aircraft are planning to attend this years event. We are looking forward to the Convention that is now a little more than 100 days away.

The Type Club Parking area is now already fully committed, which is a strong indicator to me that we will be witness to a good number of Vintage arrivals at this years event. Now if we can just mix in some of the weather we experienced last year, we will have an excellent formula for success.

The VAA’s “Post War Boom” venue continues to develop, as these 1945 to 1947 certificated aircraft are also showing a strong interest in attending Oshkosh 2014

As many of you are aware, the FAA recently announced that they are planning to rewrite the standards for the 3rd Class Medical. This is yet another strong indicator that may mean that many of us who are strictly “Recreational Flyers” may soon find ourselves no longer in need of a 3rd Class Medical, and we will have the option of “self certifying” ourselves on a routine basis. Many thanks to the thousands of Members who responded to the call out from EAA to correspond with our Congressional Leadership and voice our opinions on this important initiative. Your response was outstanding!

If you haven’t already done so, you need to visit us on our Facebook page at “”. We recently went over 8000 likes on our page, and the feedback has been outstanding. Many thanks to all of you who have posted on this Page. This is a lot of fun!

Remember, It is never too early to begin your planning to attend the “World’s Greatest Aviation Event”. I hope to see you all there.

Thanks for being a Member, and we will “See you at Oshkosh 2014.”

The adventure lives on!

Geoff Robison
President, EAA Vintage Aircraft Association

EAA Life Member 268346
VAA 12606

In This Issue:

VAA OSHKOSH 2014: Vintage Volunteer Chairs Meet in Oshkosh for Planning

Oshkosh2014 Header

This past weekend (April 4 th and 5th) volunteer chairs of the Vintage Flight Line Operations, Safety, and Security teams gathered from around North America to meet in Oshkosh to refine plans for making Vintage Oshkosh 2104 the best one ever.

Flightline Chairs MeetParticipating in this year’s meeting were VAA President Geoff Robison, Flightline Chair Michael Kosta, Grounds and Transportation chair Phil Blake; Flightline Vice-Chair Kathy McGurran, Flightline Co-Chairs Patty Dorlac, Denny Gruizenga, Dennis Lange, Randy Hytry and Dave Thomas, Flightline Thirst chair Pat Blake, Vintage Security chair Tim Fox, Computer Operations chair Earl Nicholas, and VAA Administrator T. S. “Max” Platts.

Sean Elliott, EAA Vice President of Government and Industry Relations, and Rick Larsen, EAA Vice President of Marketing, joined the meeting for over an hour to update the team on changes necessary for the T-Birds airshows and to learn how the Vintage team will be implementing these changes for the weekend…. (read more).

Spread the Word: Facebook Hits 7000 Likes

FacebookLogo Have you liked us on Facebook yet? Please LIKE our Facebook page to help spread the word. VAA Administrator Max Platts continues to post themed photos each day, and many members and friends are involved with their own photos and comments. Join the fun. You can also forwarded our facebook page to friends and share our photos on your own Facebook feed.

Twitter LogoVintage is also on Twitter. Have you seen our Twitter page? Are you following us on Twitter? We don’t tweet often, but when we do, you can help us by re-tweeting our messages. Please follow us on Twitter.

Our website, e-newsletter, Facebook and Twitter pages all link together and all help us spread the word to a generation with little knowledge of who we are and the planes we love. If you don’t know how to do this, recruit your kids or grandkids. It only takes a few minutes and can be quite fun. Just as Max.

FREE on April 17th: History of the B-17

B-17 Lecture SeriesOn Thursday, April 17, 2014, at the EAA AirVenture Museum, the EAA Aviation Adventure Speaker Series presents Sean Elliott, EAA Vice President, who will share the history and design of this iconic WWII vintage warbird.

This presentation is FREE to the general public and will be followed by a museum tour…. (read more)

AIRPORT ACTION: “Flatland Flyers” of VAA Chapter 16

Flatland FlyersVintage Aircraft Association Chapter 16, also known as “Flatland Flyers” was founded in 1986 by 5 antique airplane nuts (3 of which are still members). The chapter was formed as an alternative to the hugely successful EAA chapter 200 that had its emphasis on homebuilt aircraft, not antiques or classics.

Vintage Chapter 16 calls Gardner Municipal Airport (K34) home along with EAA Chapter 200 and EAA Chapter 868. Gardner is known as “The Best Little Airport in Kansas.” The airport has 3 runways 2 of which are turf. This airport’s occupants have produced no less than 5 Oshkosh trophy winning aircraft from a Waco UEC, to a Bowers Fly Baby. Also 5 classic Oshkosh judges have at one time haled from here and 2, including President Kevin Pratt, currently do... (read more)

April Mystery Airplane

The designer of this twin engine aircraft from the early 1920s went on to design one of America’s most famous all metal aircraft. Photo by Wesley Smith.

Click here or on the image below to view a full-size image and submit your answer to this month’s Mystery Airplane.

February Mystery Plane

The Flitfire Cub: Piper’s Little Known Pre-WWII Contribution

By T.S. “Max” Platts, VAA Lifetime #722088

Fitfire NoseWhen speaking of the brave Royal Air Force (RAF) pilots who repelled the Nazi invasion of their homeland, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said that “Never was so much, owed by so many, to so few.” The Battle of Britain was a major victory for Britain, but a costly one. In the course of the battle, the RAF and Fleet Air Arm lost 1503 aircrew killed during the Battle of Britain.

Fitfire TailAn organization that worked to address this enormous human toll was the RAF Benevolent Fund, which was established in 1919 after the end of World War I. This organization took care of wounded RAF personnel and supported their families. During World War II, the people of Britain banded together to support the men who rescued them from their darkest hour, along with an aircraft manufacturer in the United States… (read more)

February Mystery Identified

Our February Mystery Plane drew a very good response. The first correct answer was received from Scott Gifford. Others who identified the aircraft were Bob Siegfried II, Brant Hollensbe, Wollinger Herbert, Lynn Towns and Juergen Strauch.

Click here or on the image below for more photos and the in-depth article by Wesley Smith on the F-10 and the Catron Fisk aircraft operations.

February Mystery Plane

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