storeWant to have some fun and meet many new people at AirVenture? Then give volunteering a try and volunteer with Vintage. Each summer more than 500 members contribute anywhere from a couple hours to several weeks as Vintage Volunteers at AirVenture.

The VAA Gift Shop located in the VAA Red Barn is in need of a few good people. Shop Chairman Bob Lumley is in search of several volunteers to assist in retail sales and assisting customers during the week of AirVenture.

Schedules are very flexible. If you would be interested in volunteering for a couple of hours for each of 2-3 days during AirVenture, then please click here to contact Theresa Books as soon as possible so that she can add your name to the schedule. Or give her a call at 920.426.4800.

If you like meeting people and having fun while at AirVenture, then volunteering in the VAA Gift Shop would be a good fit for you.