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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Vintage Picnic TODAY – 5:30 pm at the Nature Center
Get your tickets at the Red Barn Information counter.

When Wittman Field closed on Monday evening, there were 617 registered vintage aircraft on the ground. The first of two Howard 500s arrived Tuesday morning and a second will be here Wednesday mid-morning. There are a lot of fantastic and rare airplanes to admire in the vintage area.

VAA Tips for Restorers Hands On Workshop
Beginning at 9:00 AM each day throughout the week VAA is hosting a true “hands on” workshop, located in the VAA Type Club Hangar next to the VAA Red Barn.

9:00 AM
Mr. Jim Hamilton will share his knowledge on several subjects. He’ll first talk about the correct way to adjust wash in/wash out; then some tips on preserving and maintaining wheel bearings. He’ll wrap up his talk by showing you how to build your own alcohol fuel tester for just 50 cents.

10:00 AM
Mr. Don Bartlett will kick off this daily feature discussing the nuances of making your engine run more efficiently, focusing on sparkplugs from A to Z.

11:00 AM
Mr. Bob Kachergius, “The Stromberg Carb Man”, will demonstrate the proper way to care for and adjust the Stromberg Carburetor.

1:00 PM
Mr. Clyde Smith, “The Cub Doctor”, will share some detailed tips on restoring fabric covered aircraft.

VAA Metal Workshop
Mr. Roger James, D & D Classic, Covington, OH will be holding a workshop demonstrating unique metal work such as making compound curves for cowling, wing root fairing strips and instrument panels. Located in the southwest corner of the VAA Type Club Hangar, Roger will be on hand from 9 to 5 every day.

HandPropHand Propping Demonstration
Each day at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM, a detailed hand propping demonstration is being held in front of the VAA Type Club Hangar. This is a “never miss” demo if you want to learn how to do hand propping safely.

Vintage in Review at Interview Circle
Wednesday, July 31, 2013, 11:00 AM

Mr. Ray Johnson will devote today’s daily “Vintage in Review” presentations to lady pilots.
Stephanie Stephenson, Highlands Ranch, CO grew up in Cessna 195s flying with her father. She and her husband, both pilots, now own and fly a 1954 Jacobs powered Cessna 195. Stephanie will share some of her experiences.

Amy Hoffpauir, Pattison, TX is a veterinarian and Stinson V77 owner/pilot. She saw and fell in love with Gullwing Stinsons on her first visit to AirVenture in 2011. Amy found one a month later, finished her pilot license in 2012 and flew her gorgeous Stinson to Oshkosh this year.