GeoffHeaderby Geoff Robison, VAA President
VAA Life Member 12606, EAA Life Member 268346

Welcome back and thanks for reading the EAA Vintage Aircraft Association’s Vintage Air Mail e-Newsletter.

Here we go again! The excitement is once again building in Oshkosh. The EAA Staff and Volunteers who participate in the “Features and Attractions” initiative have been investing massive amounts of time and energy into the planning of the multitude of opportunities that get presented to us that we believe will greatly enhance your “Oshkosh” experience.

Be sure to stay up to speed on all of the Vintage Features & Attractions for the 2016 event Your July Vintage Airplane magazine will also provide you with a check list of all of the goings on in the Vintage area. All of the forums and workshops we provide, and the daily scheduled events on the Rose Plaza at our Interview Circle will also be listed.

In memory of Robert G Lock, “The Vintage Mechanic,” who for many years shared with us his restoration and repair techniques in the Vintage magazine died in late April. He brought over 50 years of aircraft maintenance experience as an instructor and A&P mechanic, with a specialization on antique aircraft. Bob was particularly remembered by most for his first class restoration of a pair of New Standard D-25 biplanes, and the restoration(s) of his Command-Aire 5C3. Bob truly represented the epitome of an aviation “Antiquer”. Our deepest condolences to the family. We will miss you Bob. We will continue to see Bob’s column in the Vintage magazine through the end of the year.

tall-pinesFor those Members out there who have consistently visited us at the Tall Pines Café each year at Oshkosh, you will be pleased to learn that there will no longer be a tent over your head during breakfast. A permanent pavilion style building was recently completed at the site and it turned out great. We are eternally grateful to the many Members who assisted us with their monetary donations to support this Capital Project. I think you will like the finished product!

“Oshkosh 2016…it’s going to be another great one!” Hope to see you there.

Always remember, we are better together! Share your passion for Vintage Aircraft at every opportunity.

It is never too early to begin your planning to attend the “World’s Greatest Aviation Event”.

Thanks for being a Member, and we hope to see you at Oshkosh 2016. July 25th thru 31st..

The adventure lives on!