This past weekend (beginning on Wednesday) was a huge success which included over 40 Vintage Volunteers under the guidance of Maintenance Chairman Mike Blombach and Co-Chairs Wayne Wendorf and Al Hallett. There were many other EAA volunteers on the field and several of their crews installed our new brick walks and ramps. The weather was perfect. The food and fellowship were excellent as always.

Vintage work crews were everywhere… remodeling our convention management office, adding a ceiling and insulation to the Vintage Bookstore, cataloging and pricing books, cleaning and organizing our newly expanded Red Barn, putting finishing touches on our new Charging Station, painting the Charging Station, painting the pump house, cooking for all of us, providing thirst breaks for our workers, burning parking rows on our nearly two miles of showplane parking… just to name a few.

For those of you who haven’t visited “OSHKOSH” during the other 50 weeks of the year, it is hard to describe the amount of coordination and hard work which goes into preparing the entire site for our convention. Our hats are off with many thanks to Steve Taylor, EAA Director of Buildings and Grounds, who makes it all happen.