Hall of Fame Nominations

Nominate your favorite vintage aviator for the EAA Vintage Aircraft Association Hall of Fame. A great honor could be bestowed upon that man or woman working next to you on your airplane, sitting next to you in the chapter meeting, or walking next to you at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. Think about the people in your circle of aviation friends: the mechanic, historian, photographer, or pilot who has shared innumerable tips with you and many others. They could be the next VAA Hall of Fame inductee- but only if they are nominated.

The person you nominate can be a citizen of any country and may be living or deceased. His or her involvement in vintage aviation must have occurred between 1950 and the present day. His or her contribution can be in the areas of flying, design, mechanical or aerodynamic developments, administration, wringing, some other vital and relevant field, or any combination of fields that support aviation. The person you nominate must be or have been a member of the Vintage Aircraft Association of EAA, and preference is given to those whose actions have contributed to the VAA in some way, perhaps as a volunteer, a restorer who shares their expertise with others, a writer, a photographer, or a pilot sharing stories, preserving aviation history, and encouraging new pilots and enthusiasts.

To nominate someone is easy. It just takes a little reminiscing on your part.

• Think of a person; think of his or her contributions to vintage aviation.
• Write those contributions in the various categories of the nomination form.
• Write a simple letter highlighting these attributes and contributions. Make copies of newspaper or magazine articles that may substantiate your view.
• If at all possible, have another individual (or more) complete a form or write a letter about the nominee, confirming why the person is a good candidate for induction.

Mail nominating materials to:
VAA Hall of Fame c/o Amy Lemke
Vintage Aircraft Association
PO Box 3086
Oshkosh, WI 54903
Email: alemke@eaa.org