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Vintage Flight Line Field Updates

Each day more than 200 Vintage Volunteers manage over a mile of the AirVenture Flight Line from Show Center south to the end of the airport.  Our area includes Showplane Parking, Showplane Camping, and thousands of visitors each day.  Our experienced volunteers are under the direction of Flight Line Chairman Michael Kosta and his Co-Chairs, Patty Dorlac, Kathy McGurran, Dave Thomas, Randy Hytry, Denny Gzuingza, and Phil Blake.

Vintage Security Updates

Our security volunteers, under the leadership of Chairman Tim Fox, constantly patrol the entire Vintage area 24/7.  Most of these men and women are unsung heros as they patrol throuoghout the day and night.  Their vehicles are clearly marked “Vintage Security.”  Feel free to flag one of them down if you have any emergency needs day or night.

Vintage Oshkosh

An overview of the Vintage area with detailed pages on the many Vintage activities during AirVenture 2013.  A Must Read.

Vintage Area Map

This map shows the major Vintage facilities and general camping and parking areas.  Once specific areas are filled, all incoming aircraft (regardless of Vintage category) are parked to the south as they arrive.

Showplane Arrival Procedures

In addition to the AirVenture NOTAMS, if you are arriving in a qualified aircraft (built prior to December 31, 1970), you should take additional steps in preparation.  Click this page for detailed instructions and downloadable signs for your arrival.

AirVenture Map

This map shows the entire AirVenture facility.

Friends of the Red Barn

Our Red Barn Headquarters and adjacent Vintage Hangar are the center of Vintage activity at AirVenture.  The Red Barn and Hangar are supported totally through contributions from VAA members and friends.  Become a Friend of the Red Barn today to participate in many additional activities.