The information about this beautiful one-of-a-kind was sent to us by Brent Renneke. Scroll down for more info.


John Klatt Airshows and Jack Link’s Beef Jerky teamed up to create a one of a kind plane, the Screamin Sasquatch., which is powered by two different engines. The plane style is a Jet Waco, first introduced by Jimmy Franklin in 1999.

Now, the Screamin’ Sasquatch is one of a kind on the air show circuit.

  • This airplane was a classic 1929 Taperwing, which was the plane of choice for barnstorms in the 1930’s and 1940’s.
  • The air show industry is starved for this type of excitement, and with the partnership with Jack Link’s, the Screamin’ Sasquatch will help all those attending air shows this year Feed their Wild Side.

ScreaminSasquatch2Beyond the obvious aspect of adding a jet engine, The Screamin’ Sasquatch is highly modified in many ways. Every control surface has been specifically engineered for the unique aerodynamic forces encountered during high-speed flight. Portions of the aircraft’s structure have been converted from wood and fabric, to carbon fiber. The cockpit has been moved 3 feet aft, in order to accommodate fuel tanks for both 100LL and Jet A fuel. The cockpit is extremely modern and incorporates the MGL Avionics Stratomaster Odyssey touch screen system, which integrates all of the engine monitoring of both powerplants and the aircraft’s avionics systems – essentially combining a couple of dozen gauges into one screen.

The engine specs of the plane

The Screamin’ Sasquatch, Jack Link’s Jet Waco is powered by dual powerplants: a Pratt & Whitney 985 Radial Engine and a General Electric CJ610 (J85) Jet Engine with 3,000lbs of thrust.

  • This system allows the plane to achieve feats other stunt planes are unable to do.
  • The plane will be at a thrust ratio of 1 to 1, which allows it to accelerate going straight up.