Your EAA Vintage Aircraft Association Board of Directors is excited and proud to announce three major construction and expansion projects which are all underway now and scheduled to be completed prior to AirVenture 2015.

Tall Pines Phase III – A Permanent Floor for the Dining Area

tall-pinesTall Pines Cafe’ came about as a direct response by VAA to concerns of our showplane pilots. None of the AirVenture commercial food vendors wanted to provide services to the far south end of the convention grounds. Pilots and families arriving in small vintage aircraft, most of them without any ground transportation, were “food-less.” Arriving several days before convention officially opened, pilots discovered commercial food vendors did not begin serving until opening day.


Excavation and foundation work have already begun for the Tall Pines Cafe’ dining area. This phase will be completed in time for AirVenture 2015.

Thus Tall Pines Cafe’ was created by Vintage to fill a specific need. Built by Vintage Volunteers through donations from from Vintage members. Tall Pines has been pdated and staffed each year by dedicated Vintage volunteers, many of whom have worked there since it opened. Tall Pines has continued to open the weekend prior to convention.

Tall Pines does not operate with any profit motive. It is just one more service provided by VAA for our members and guests. Any excess funds are returned to our members and guests through updates and improvements.

  • Construction of a permanent concrete pad for the Tall Pines dining tent area, including footings and base for an eventual permanent pavilion. (No more breakfast on the grass.) The site work for this project has already begun.

Vintage Plaza Phase II – Plaza Expansion


Ground breaking for the expanded Vintage Plaza occurred during the VAA Board of Directors meeting. EAA Chairman Jack Pelton joined VAA President Geoff Robison for the traditional first shovel. In addition to Jack, EAA Vice President Rick Larsen and EAA Director of Facilities Steve Taylor joined board members for the ceremony.

Major expansion of the Vintage Plaza, Interview Circle and Red Barn Headquarters complex. The official ground-breaking was conducted during the spring VAA Board Meeting on April 30, 2015.

Vintage Plaza expansion has been made possible by a generous gift from from longtime VAA member Myrt Strong Rose of South Barrington, Illinois, in memory of her late husband Bill.

This major project includes the following:

  • Relocating Showplane Registration from its former location just south of Vintage Plaza to a more central location next to Aircraft Repair, and closer to the tram stop for convenience of our showplane pilots. This move has already taken place.
  • Relocating the Vintage restaurant concession from the Vintage Plaza south to the former location of of Showplane Registration. Site work has begun on this part of the project.
  • RIMG_1257emoval of the service road between the former restaurant and the Vintage Hanger in the center of Vintage Plaza with a new cart path in the west side behind the guest area.
  • Expanded Interview Circle with more aircraft display space and expanded seating area.
  • Relocating the Airmail building from the east flightline to west side of Vintage Plaza.
  • A replacement welcome arch at the entrance to Vintage Plaza at the corner of Vern Avenue and Wittman Road.
  • A new welcome arch on Wittman Road at the south corner of Vintage Plaza.

This project also greatly reduces vehicle congestion in the Vintage Red Barn area, which will enhance pedestrian safety and convenience, Formal dedication of the expanded area will take place on July 20, AirVenture’s opening day.

View the official press release here for more details and images.

Vintage Plaza Phase I – New Entrance Buildings

Construction of new Volunteer Center and Membership buildings at the corner of Vern Avenue and Wittman Road. These two buildings were constructed by Vintage volunteers in April, placed on new concrete pads, and will be completed during the next two work weekends.

Friends of the Red Barn

Buck Hilbert's son Elroy outside the Vintage Red Barn in the early days (c. 1974)

Buck Hilbert’s son Elroy outside the Vintage Red Barn in the early days (c. 1974)

Your contributions to The Friends of the Red Barn, no matter how large or how small, make it all happen.

Our member dues cover the yearly operating budget of Vintage, including our full-color world-class magazine. Donations from our members and friends provide us with additional funds to improve and expand our facilities.