With the cancellation of AirVenture 2020 the “what ifs” are thoughts of the past, and we are now moving Vintage forward towards the completion of our 5-year plan with regard to projects already in progress and to projects that were scheduled for implementation post AirVenture 2020. There are a couple that I feel will be of interest to all of you.

This past January, I appointed a committee to review the Vintage website. Updates and changes to the Vintage website are in the advanced planning phase with implementation soon to follow. The goal is to offer more content of interest to our membership and to stay connected throughout the year. We are currently working hard to get this one done.

I think that it will also be of interest for all of you to know that the events that were scheduled for AirVenture 2020 will be moved forward to AirVenture 2021. This includes among others the celebration of the 100 th Anniversary of the Stinson Aircraft Company. These events will be held in conjunction with the events (To be announced at a later date!) that were already in the planning/implementation stage for AirVenture 2021.

We are all disappointed over the cancellation of AirVenture 2020 but we all understand the circumstances. See Jack’s letter below.

Today I am looking forward to a stupendous AirVenture 2021 at Vintage. What a banner year it will be!



Message from Jack Pelton: We Don’t Gamble, We Need A Sure Thing

May 1, 2020

AirVenture 2020 is officially cancelled

My fellow EAAers. It is May here in Wisconsin, and unfortunately like many of you across the country, we are still under a stay at home order through May 26. Normally, this is the month when we start our preflight planning for EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. By this time, we should have begun ramping up our entire site in preparation for our July convention. Volunteers from across the country and world would have descended on Oshkosh. Together they would have formed work parties, our suppliers would begin start setting up tents and infrastructure. Our EAA staff would be printing wrist bands, campers guides, programs and an assortment of EAA collateral as full-on AirVenture execution begins.

But because of circumstances beyond our control, none of this can happen now. We cannot even get to the hangar so our preflight is left to watching the prog charts. While this certainly makes the ability to prepare for the event a scheduling problem, it does not preclude the bigger issue of predicting what will be the health guidelines in July. Right now, there are three phases that have been defined in Wisconsin as the recommended procedures. As I write this, we are not in Phase 1 yet. Phase 2 restricts gatherings to 50 people. Phase 3 allows for mass gathering with restrictions.

Our convention attracts EAA members not only from the U.S. but around the world. Today we cannot predict when we will be at a point that our event meets the all clear Phase 3 milestone for mass gathering with restrictions. As your leader, I see no clear path to meet our own requirements to insure the health and safety expectations our organization demands for our employees, members, volunteers, exhibitors and attendees. That includes sanitization, separation and personal protection requirements.

My conclusion is, like in any good flight planning, don’t take the risk. Therefore, I have no choice but to cancel AirVenture 2020. Together, we can come back stronger, safer and ready for AirVenture 2021 and create a memorable world class aviation event. Because of our dedicated and enthusiastic EAA members, our Association is strong. We know that at some point this storm will pass. And over the next 12 months we will continue to support all of you as we again, together, grow EAA in the Spirit of Aviation.


Jack J. Pelton

Experimental Aircraft Association
CEO and Chairman of the Board