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Jim Moss, EAA 477508

Vintage Aircraft Association posthumously inducted James S. “Jim” Moss, an Indiana native and a later resident of Buckley, Washington, into the VAA Hall of Fame. Jim, a former U.S. Marine Corps pilot and retired Northwest Airlines captain, is the 33rd inductee into this prestigious group of sport aviation leaders since Vintage first created its Hall of Fame program 25 years ago.

Jim Moss originally came to sport aviation fame at EAA Oshkosh and in the Vintage Aircraft Association with his stunning creations, or re-creations, of first, the stunning MG-2 radial engine biplane followed by his full-scale, precise copy of the historic 1931 Matty Laird/Jimmy Doolittle Super Solution, as well as his smooth as silk, highly customized, smoothly faired, 270-hp Russian M-14 round engine powered 1931 Great Lakes. These and numerous other beautifully crafted airplanes were followed by the crown jewel of the Moss re-creations, the Gee Bee Q.E.D. Moss’ version of the last of the legendary Gee Bee racers took 10 years to build. When it was displayed at the VAA Red Barn during AirVenture 2014, visitors were awestruck. If they knew Jim personally, they were emotionally overcome.

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