FUN and AFFORDABLE Vintage Aircraft

Most pilots and airplane owners have heard the following statement at least once since entering the world of aircraft owners:

“You must be really wealthy to be able to afford an airplane.”

Of course, those of us who own an airplane know that quite simply,
that statement is not entirely based on fact.

In reality, an airworthy type certificated (as well as FUN and AFFORDABLE) vintage plane can be purchased for around $20,000 to $50,000. 

The Vintage Aircraft Association features many FUN and AFFORDABLE vintage planes during AirVenture. These aircraft are located in Vintage Village just east of the Red Barn across Wittman Road. Follow the signage to these great aircraft.

Just what is a FUN and AFFORDABLE Vintage Airplane?

  • It is a plane you can own for less than the price of a new car, and far less than a new production aircraft.
  • If you like things mechanical, the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) allow you to perform a great deal of maintenance on your own.
  • If you just want to learn to fly, it is a plane you can sell at the end of your instruction, and in many cases for as much or more than you paid for it.

FUN and AFFORDABLE vintage planes holding type certificates include many models from the following aircraft manufacturers:

Aeronca, Cessna, Ercoupe, Piper, Taylorcraft, Interstate, Luscombe, Culver, Porterfield, and Stinson.

Browse our rows of FUN and AFFORDABLE planes in Vintage Village. View the average cost to own each model of plane and visit with their owners and pilots.

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