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Life Membership

Vintage Aircraft Association Lifetime Membership – $975

You must be an EAA Lifetime Member to become a Vintage Lifetime Member. A VAA Lifetime Member becomes part of an exclusive group of aviators who have chosen to act as stewards of vintage aviation and the backbone of VAA’s and EAA’s mission to support the passionate pursuit of flight.

VAA Lifetime Members lead by example through their demonstrated dedication to aviation’s future. And with their help, and yours, VAA can preserve the unwavering spirit of more than a century of aviation pioneers, innovators, and heroes.

By demonstrating your commitment to aviation as a VAA Lifetime Member, you’ll be rewarded with all the exclusive benefits only Lifetime Members receive:


• A personalized Lifetime Member jacket

• A personalized VAA Lifetime Member card

• Customized VAA Lifetime Member plaque

• Official VAA Lifetime Member propeller paper weight

• VAA Lifetime Membership pin and decals

•Listed below as a VAA Lifetime Member alongside your fellow Lifetime Members

Become A VAA Lifetime Member

Call 1-800-JOIN-EAA
Mon – Fri: 8 am – 6 pm (CT)
Sat: 8 am – 4 pm (CT)

or call 920-426-5912
from outside the US.

Click here to enroll online.

But more importantly, you’ll receive the knowledge and pride that you’re contributing to the future of flight and expressing an unsurpassed dedication to aviation.

Become a Vintage Lifetime Member TODAY!

Vintage Life Members

Michael Aichele

Dillon Barron

Mike Barron

Hobart Bates

Brent Blue

Howard Bohl

Jerry Brown

Linda Brown

George Carney

Terry Chamberlain

Jeffrey Chapman

Scott Church

Ed Cooper

Gary Covington

Daniel Cullman

John Fiedler

JoAnne Fox

Tim Fox

Pickens Freeman

Paul Fullerton

James Gorman

Shane Grass

Donis Hamilton

Kurt Hannemann

Larry Harmacinski

Patrick Donovan

Christy Ellison

Orlo Ellison

Chris Feaster

Jennifer Feaster

Jason Hickox

Chad Hill

Mark Holliday

Ron Horton

Jennifer Jacob

Richard James

Frank Lang

Joseph Leverone

Sam Lipscomb

Robert Lumley

Glen Marshall

Ernest McOdrum

Nico Meijer

Helen Miller

James Miller

Keren Montreith

Jeff Montgomery

Jeffrey Muhlenkort

Richard Murray

Joseph Norris

John Parish

Richard Parsons

Doug Platten

Thomas Platts

Audrey Poberezny

Kevin Pullum

Alan Redd

War Reese

Geoff Robison

Joseph Roux

Mike Sauer

Lora Sauer

Albert Schiffer

Mike Schiffer

William Scott

Jason Seavolt

Robert Siegfried

Thomas Siegler

Sabu Sivaraman

Jon Thayer

Craig Thighe

Walter Thilly

John Turgyan

Keith Uhls

Bryce Ulmer

Mark White

Eric Whyte

Sarah Wilson

Krista Wise

Woodson Woods

Ryan Wubben

Jim Zazas

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