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Mystery Airplane

 Can you identify this plane?

If you can, fill out and submit your answer on the form below.

Here is another great puzzler from our mystery team of Wes Schmidt and Wessley Smith. This plane, shown with a small radial engine, also came with a 3 cylinder engine.

Be sure to read Wesley Smith’s extensive article below on the Emsco B-3-A, our last issue’s Mystery Airplane.

Scroll down below the entry form for previous Mystery Airplanes.



The EMSCO B-3-A could carry eight passengers plus pilot.  It was certified in February1931 and was powered with a 420 hp Pratt & Whitney Wasp engine.
One B-3-A was purchased by a Romanian prince. December 2014 Mystery Airplane: Emsco B-3-ACopyright 2014 by WESLEY R. SMITH Correct answers to this “mystery plane” were received from Terry Bowden, and Wayne Muxlow. The story of the Emsco B-3-A cannot be told without telling the tale of Charles F. Rocheville. Like many such stories in the annals of aviation, it is an unusual tale, and it is true, and [&hellip… Read More
OctoberMystery October 2014 Mystery Plane: Morton Nightingaleby Wesley R. Smith Copyright 2014 In the nearly 50 years that I have been a student of Aviation History, a number of aircraft have come my way which I know nothing about; and despite the numerous research aids now available, have remained a mystery. One such aircraft is the Morton Nightingale. A number of [&hellip… Read More
AugustMystery400 August 2014 Mystery Plane: M-14 ThunderbirdW-F-W AIRCRAFT CORPORATION; THUNDERBIRD AIRCRAFT, INC; GENERAL AIRCRAFT CORPORATION W-14 THUNDERBIRD Bowerairlines — W-F-W Aircraft Corporation: Thunderbird Aircraft, Inc., General Aviation Corporation M-14 Thunderbird — dated June 24, 2014  3:13 pm. BY: WESLEY R. SMITH COPYRIGHT 2014 As the 1920s grew to a close, a popular biplane type was a three-place open-cockpit type, usually powered [&hellip… Read More
The Alliance Argo with the Hess Warrior engine.  The performance of this ship was exceptional. June 2014 Mystery Airplane: The Alliance Argo A-1By Wesley R. Smith Copyright 2014 “To fly it is to buy it!” So intoned a page one advertisement for the Alliance Aircraft Corp. “Argo,” which appeared in the July 27, 1929 issue of Aviation (V27 N4). But the story begins much earlier with birth of Aubrey W. Hess, and His brother, Adrian T. Hess, the [&hellip… Read More
9115large April 2014 Mystery Airplane: STOUT ST-1By: Wesley R. Smith Correct answers were submitted by: Scott Webster, Steve Chess, Tom Hammitt, Larry Harmacinski, Don DeVoe, Larry Cole, William Naumuk, Mike Brown, Lynn Towns, Robert Still, Michael McCormick, Hugh Metzler, Hank Dahl, Darrel Toepfer, Charlie Tilghman, Stuart Bain, Bill Bosma, Wayne Muxlow and Evan Phillips. William Bushnell Stout, was born at Quincy, [&hellip… Read More
FebruaryMystery February 2014 Mystery Plane: Catron and Fisk C.F. 10  As early as 1911, Edwin M. Fisk was mentioned in the Los Angeles periodical, Aviation. An excerpt from the magazine states: “Edwin Fisk of Ocean Park, Cal., is completing a monoplane which embodies several original ideas. The machine will be equipped with an engine of his own design and construction and capable of producing [&hellip… Read More
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