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Vintage Airplane “Extras”


Full back issues of Vintage Airplane are available for purchase here and also in the free archives in our Members Only section.

Since space is limited in Vintage Airplane, photos and articles below include featured reprints, previews of upcoming issues, or longer articles which just didn’t fit into Vintage Airplane.

OUTSTANDING FLIGHTS: Our Flight to South America (4/19/2018)Intro and research by Wes Schmid, VAA Director Emeritus, VAA 6688, EAA 3113 Since World War I, American bombers were open cockpit, tube, wood and fabric biplanes, but in the early 1930s there were two new aircraft that revolutionized U.S. Army Air Corp. bomber designs. The first was Boeing’s all-metal YB-9, (Model 215) a semi-stressed [&hellip… Read More
Winter is time for making stuff (4/19/2018)By Jim Wilson, VAA 17495, EAA 29605 Reprinted from ANTIQUE AIRWAYS, the newsletter of the Carolinas Virginia Antique Airplane Foundation, Inc. (Vintage Chapter 3) I was running out of stuff to do, so a local “friend” convinced me to make up and install an all new engine cowling on his Luscombe. “I already have a [&hellip… Read More
Spirit of Columbus (3/16/2018)by Sparky Barnes Sargent (reprinted from Vintage Airplane March/April 2016) Quick, how many American women have flown around the world solo in a single-engine airplane? Still thinking? The answer is two. Now, can you name either one of these intrepid women? If you’re stumped, we’ll make it easy for you: In 1964, Geraldine “Jerrie” Fredritz [&hellip… Read More
Want to Start a Youth Program? Here is How One EAA Chapter Did It (2/18/2018)by Jana Brown, Education Coordinator, EAA Chapter 1083 I am responding to an article in the July/August issue of Vintage Airplane regarding Youth Aviation Programs. I am a member of EAA Chapter 1083 in Salisbury, NC. We began a summer day camp, ASCEND- Aviation Summer Camp: Exploring New Dimensions in 2011. In 2017 we completed our [&hellip… Read More
Vintage Champ Provides A Day of Glory for 80-Year-Old Pilot (12/17/2017)by Priscilla A. Crawford One day after his 80th birthday on August 19, J.E. Stuart received a surprise visit and was provided with a day that will be remembered and talked about for a long time. In considering ideas for their Dad’s birthday, Stuart’s daughters, Kathleen Stuart and Kara Barber, had looked through old photos [&hellip… Read More
Great Pilots, Great Airplanes (11/30/2017)by Eric Gourley, VAA 717193 I received a call one morning from Evan Haskell asking if I could teach him how to fly a pristine Beaver he and his father had recently purchased. Evan added that although he had quite a bit of time, it was mainly in a Cessna 206 on amphib floats. He [&hellip… Read More
OUTSTANDING FLIGHTS: Global Joy-Ride (4/3/2017)Two Piper PA-12 Super Cruisers made super around-the-world OUTSTANDING FLIGHTS in 1947.  It all started in 1946 when two flight instructors at an airport near Washington, D. C. observed a newly certificated PA-12 taxi by and a comment made that with enough gas these aircraft were capable of flying around the world. Light aircraft–liaison aircraft–such [&hellip… Read More
Celebrating my girlfriend’s 70th birthday… (7/13/2016)by Randy Phillips, VAA 722809 For some reason, my wife doesn’t like me going out to seedy bars anymore and talking to strange women. Imagine that! Marcy(my wife) and I have been together(off and on) for 29 years. Some really good times and some pretty rough. The same can be said for my relationship with [&hellip… Read More
YOUTH IN ACTION: Gleb Liashedko (1/25/2016)by Ron Alexander, VAA 27150 For the past couple of years I have been writing an article in AirMail about “Airport’s in Action.”  In each issue we have presented several EAA and VAA Chapters around the country whose membership places a priority on developing young people.  I have been very pleased to find that a [&hellip… Read More
Fond Memories of an Oshkosh Airport Kid (3/23/2015)by Tom Bartenstein, EAA 225662 This story is over forty years in the making. I’m not a pilot, mechanic, or plane builder. I am, however, a lifelong aviation enthusiast. I enjoy being around all things aviation…people, places, and things. It all started in 1970, when the EAA convention moved from Rockford, Illinois to Oshkosh, Wisconsin. [&hellip… Read More



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