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Friends of the Red Barn

Friends of the Red Barn Fundraising Campaign

Contribute to Friends of the Red Barn Online

or click here to download and print a form for mail contributions.

This is a grand opportunity for all Vintage members to join together as key financial supporters of the Vintage Aircraft Association. It will be a truly rewarding experience for each of us as individuals to be a part of supporting the finest gathering of Antique, Classic, and Contemporary airplanes in the world.


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No One Ever Met a Stranger at the Red Barn!

By Charles W. Harris, Director Emeritus, VAA Life Member #2158

Vintage Hangar and Red Barn HQ

Today – Vintage Hangar and Red Barn (original barn with cupola, windsock and wings) c. 2012

Eaglerock and Red Barn c. 1973

Yes, this IS our Red Barn… The Eaglerock in a rustic setting at Oshkosh. The barn in the background will be converted into a headquarters for the Antique/Classic Division in 1974. (from August 1973 Vintage Airplane) Photo by Ted Koston

For one entire grand and glorious week in the late summer of each year, the EAA Vintage Aircraft Association’s Red Barn is the epicenter, the heart, and soul of the whole wide world of vintage airplanes. It is the place to be to be a part of and enjoy the finest historic airplanes from our long ago past, which not only have brought us to where we are today but also have constantly inspired us to raise our interest and participation in the vintage airplane movement even higher.

One only has to step across the road from the Red Barn and stroll, endlessly enjoying the view of scores of previous Oshkosh Vintage Grand Champions. Travel only a few more steps toward the south and be spellbound by the rows of rare Wacos, Spartans, Ryans, Howards, Staggerwings, and countless others from prior aviation eras—each finer than its next door neighbor!

How can this all be possible, you ask? It’s all because of the generous support from Vintage members like you. When one immerses oneself with other vintage airplane enthusiasts, one comes to grasp the emotional import that there is simply no other place in the entire universe that any of us would rather be during the last week in July than the Red Barn area of Wittman Field—during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh!

Red Barn HQ Complex at twilight

Vintage Red Barn and Hangar headquarters complex at twilight during AirVenture 2012.

It is an overwhelming human experience when one meets scores and scores of new friends at the Red Barn, and not a single soul is a stranger; every last person is smiling, happy, and thrilled to be a part of something so thoroughly enjoyable that the weight of the outside world is forever removed for the entire week—it simply becomes the best place in the world!

This is “A Place Called Oshkosh”! Nothing is ever planned or rehearsed; it is simply what happens at the Red Barn. It is the mystical Camelot for old airplanes. It is also the place to be during AirVenture. Experience it for yourself; pull up a chair and sit in the shade of the Red Barn, grab a bag of popcorn, close your eyes, and transport yourself back to the golden age of flight. This is everyday normal Red Barn activities during Oshkosh! It’s a place where history comes alive!

The invaluable Friends of the Red Barn fund, with contributions each year by fellow Vintage members, makes all of this supremely enjoyable experience possible. Without the generous contributions provided by these Vintage members annually, very little of what we experience and enjoy would be possible.

Please join us as a contributing member of the Friends of the Red Barn as we provide the most ideal and perfect setting possible for vintage airplane owners, pilots, historians, and dedicated vintage airplane buffs. Consider it a calling…as many of us do! And please remember, no one ever met a stranger at the Red Barn!

Contribute to Friends of the Red Barn Online

or click here to download and print a form for mail contributions.

Download printable brochure

At whatever level is comfortable for you, won’t you please join those of us who recognize the tremendously valuable key role the Vintage Aircraft Association has played in preserving the irreplaceable grass-roots and general aviation airplanes of the last 100 years? Your participation in EAA’s Vintage Aircraft Association Friends of the Red Barn will help ensure the very finest in EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Vintage Red Barn programs.

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