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Showplane Arrival Procedure

Click Here for 2017 AirVenture Oshkosh Notice to Airmen (NOTAM).

Special Flight Procedures effective 6 AM CDT July 21 to Noon CDT July 31, 2017

The following information is taken from the official NOTAM available at the above link.

For one week each year, EAA AirVenture Oshkosh has the highest concentration of aircraft in the world. Careful reading and adherence to the procedures in this NOTAM are essential to maintaining the safety record of this event. Flight planning should include thorough familiarity with NOTAM procedures, as well as knowledge of primary and alternate airports. Carry a copy of this NOTAM for inflight reference.

“Pilots landing at OSH should use a printed sign to designate their intended parking or camping area. The sign should have large dark letters readable from at least fifty feet. It can be handmade or printed from www.eaa.org/signs (no tablet computer signs, please). Display it in the left side of your windshield after landing. Use one of the following codes:”

If you are flying a Vintage qualified aircraft (December 17, 1903 through December 31, 1970) you are eligible to park and/or camp in the Vintage Showplane area.  We do not have the space to make any exceptions.

Vintage Aircraft


Vintage Aircraft




Once you have been separated from other aircraft types and taxi to the Vintage area, please keep the sign in your windshield to assist the Vintage Flight Line volunteers in directing you to the proper location within the Vintage area.

If you are flying a returning Past Grand Champion, or have prepaid and staked your camping spot, when you reach the Vintage area it is helpful to have an additional sign for our parking crew.  If you have a pre-staked spot, please indicate Row and Slot, and if it is  west of Wittman Road, add a W.

Past Grand
Champion Circle

Your sign will be mailed to you.

Pre-staked spot or returning aircraft

Slot 5

All aircraft at AirVenture must be properly tied down.  Here are two great articles on tying down your aircraft.

PLEASE NOTE:  We will be updating this page prior to AirVenture with additional information as necessary.

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