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AirVenture in the Vintage Area

The Vintage area of the EAA convention grounds starts at our Rd Barn HQ and Vintage Hangar at Show Center and continues south with over a mile of rows and rows of showplane aircraft.

Each year our members fly in and display their great aircraft built between December 17, 1903 and December 31, 1970. 

We have some of the best volunteer opportunities available on the field.  We welcome you to join us.

On this page you will find links to many of our Oshkosh activities.

Photos from previous years’ slideshows can be downloaded from our Photo Gallery.


Countdown to OSHKOSH AirVenture 2016

in 1 month, 4 weeks, 0 days, 13 hours, 9 minutes, 9 seconds

PILOTS — 2106 AirVenture NOTAM is here.

Arriving with a Featured Aircraft Group? – Pre-register your arrival here.

Last Vintage AirVenture Work Weekend — June 24-26

Join our dedicated group of work weekend volunteers. We will be working the weekend above on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Many volunteers arrive Thursday so they can give a full day of work on Friday.  All are welcome – no specific skills required.  Contact Maintenance Chairman Mike Blombach if you have questions or if you will need overnight housing.

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By definition, an Antique aircraft is defined as constructed by the original manufacturer (or licensee) on or prior to August 31, 1945. Classic aircraft were constructed from September 1, 1945 through 1955, while Contemporary aircraft now include those built from 1956 through 1970.  Awards are presented to airplanes in all three categories at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh.

IMG_RED BARN_HGFSMLIn many communities VAA members have formed local Chapters to share their enthusiasm for these special aircraft. Division members also receive Vintage Airplane magazine, the group’s outstanding publication. The magazine highlights the maintenance, operation, and restoration of vintage aircraft. It includes “how-to” articles, reports on aircraft restoration, historic articles, and much more.

If you’re tired of just being an observer and want to be a part of the action, step right up to the VAA Volunteer Center adjacent to the Vintage entry archway, near the VAA Red Barn. You can volunteer and be part of the EAA experience. When you go home this year, you won’t say, “I was at Oshkosh”; you’ll say, “I was a part of Oshkosh!”

Other activities in the Vintage area include:

DSC_0108Tall Pines Café

You won’t want to miss this freshly cooked breakfast! It is located on the South end of Wittman Field, just north of the Ultralight runway. We position it there to fill the food need for our many campers on that end of the field. A tram is also available if you are coming from the North end of the field. Open daily 6:30 – 9:30 a.m. Also providing supper 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. pre-convention weekend—the Saturday and Sunday before AirVenture’s start date.

Annual VAA Picnic

The VAA Picnic is Wednesday evening during AirVenture, this year at the NEW Tall Pines Cafe. The picnic is a great chance for VAA members and their guests to join for an evening of food and fellowship. Tram service from the VAA Red Barn to the picnic is available. Tickets are available at the VAA Red Barn Information Desk and must be purchased prior to the picnic.


Aeromart is a consignment shop for all EAA members to sell their no longer needed items and other members to find the unique items they need.  Since 2012 Aeromart has been operated by Vintage Volunteers. We are always looking for volunteers to work in 3 or 4 hour shifts to make sales, help patrons find parts, and give general assistance.

vol-centerVolunteer Center

Do you have some free time when attending AirVenture?  Would you like the best seat in the house to see the airshow?  Want to see our many showplanes close-up?  Then volunteer with Vintage.  During convention we have jobs which last from one hour to days on end.  Join one of our training classes and learn how to park and guide aircraft on the ground.  Shadow an experienced biker until you are confident enough to start parking planes.  Or just spend an hour in our Red Barn making and giving out popcorn.  Anyone can become involved at Vintage.  Our Volunteer center, staffed by volunteers like you, is open daily on the flight line just east of the Red Barn and under the red Vintage Tower.

Vintage in Review at Interview Circle

11:00 a.m. each weekday morning during AirVenture, in the new Vintage Plaza near the Vintage Red Barn and Hangar, at the Interview Circle, Vintage conducts interviews with vintage aircraft owners, pilots, and aviation personalities. It’s a chance to sit in the grass or on the bleachers, and hear stories of great pilots, mechanics, their families and airplanes.

The Vintage area also is the site of Convention Showplane Camping, where hundreds of EAA members, families, and friends from around the world set up an international community of people sharing a love of aviation.

The Vintage Red Barn Headquarters is home to:

DSC_0155The Red Barn Gift Store, where VAA’s unique custom-made apparel is available for adults and children, along with high quality toys, artwork, and souvenirs.

The Vintage Information Desk and Media Coordination Center, where information regarding VAA and its activities are available.

If you flew in and registered your aircraft, you can also pick up your mug at the Red Barn as well as your VAA AirVenture Aircraft Participant Plaque – free to Vintage members.

Just south of the Red Barn you’ll find the Vintage Hangar:

In the Vintage Hangar you’ll find our NEW Vintage Forums each morning and also the Vintage Metal Shaping Workshop, where volunteers share their skills and knowledge in the restoration and building of vintage aircraft. In the Paul’s Workshop corner you can be a part of forums of various topics to help you learn techniques to keep your vintage airplane maintained. Check the schedule in front of the Hangar.

Type Club representatives will be available between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm in the Vintage Hangar. Vintage hosts representatives of many aircraft type clubs. They can answer questions about specific vintage aircraft, such as Aeroncas, Piper Cubs, Wacos, Bellancas, and many others. Visit with them Monday through Friday of AirVenture between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm.

The Vintage Membership and Chapter Information Booth, conveniently located adjacent to the entry archway. VAA and EAA memberships are available along with information about VAA Chapters.

If you’re interested in vintage airplanes, the EAA Vintage Aircraft Association is the only way to fly!

The financial support for the various AirVenture Oshkosh Vintage Red Barn programs is underwritten by the effort of the VAA’s annual Friends of the Red Barn program.  Learn more about the Friends of the Red Barn and how you can help.

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