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Attention FUN and AFFORDABLE Aircraft Owners

Would you like to showcase your FUN and AFFORDABLE Vintage airplane at AirVenture this year?

Vintage will be featuring a static display of Fun and Affordable Vintage planes at AirVenture 2018.

We are not looking for award winners.  We are also not looking for basket cases.  We ARE looking for affordable “every day flying” planes which will be showcased just east of our Red Barn Welcome Center.  Space is limited and it is a showcase area only – no camping with your aircraft.

Most visitors to Vintage don’t realize that owning an airworthy type certificated FUN and AFFORDABLE vintage plane can be purchased for around $15,000. That’s one-half to one-third of the cost of a new SUV. A good price range for a fun and affordable vintage airplane is in the $15,000 to $40,000 range.

Specifically, we are looking for one example of each of the following aircraft:

Aeronca Chief, Aeronca Champ, Cessna 120 – 140 – 140A, Cessna 150 – 170 – 172, Commonwealth Skyranger, Culver Cadet, Ercoupe, Funk, Interstate Cadet, Luscombe 8E and 8A, Piper Cherokee 140, Piper Tri-Pacer, Piper Pacer, Piper Clipper, Piper Colt, Piper Vagabond, Piper J3 – J4 – J5 Cubs, Porterfield, Stinson 108, Taylorcraft


  • Your aircraft must have been manufactured prior to December 31, 1970
  • You must be a current member of the Vintage Aircraft Association
  • You must request a showcase spot in advance – space is limited – first come, first served by aircraft type
  • Your arrival must be scheduled prior to 10:00 am on Monday, July 23, 2018 and remain throughout AirVenture

If you are interested in parking your plane in the showcase, please submit the form below.  One of our volunteer chairmen will get back to you. All fields of the form are required.


Fun and Affordable
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