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About Us

Who We Are

The EAA Vintage Aircraft Association brings together people from around the world who share an interest in the aircraft of yesterday. This common bond is sustained by VAA activities and publications.

Old-AC-logoVAAlogoCurrentSince it was established in 1971, the association has been working to keep aviation history alive.

Originally known as the EAA Antique/Classic Division, VAA has the support of the internationally renowned EAA. The strength of this premiere aviation organization helps VAA further the causes of vintage aviation.

Through Vintage Airplane magazine members learn and share restoration techniques, including valuable “how I did it” tips; get dispatches detailing how association officers and directors work with the FAA and other officials on their behalf; read feature articles about fellow members who restore these magnificent aircraft from the first half of this century, and more! Vintage Airplane magazine is one of the great benefits of membership in the VAA.

The purpose of the Vintage Aircraft Association is to:

  1. Encourage and aid the retention and restoration of historical Antique, Classic and Contemporary aircraft;
  2. Establish a library devoted to the history of aviation and to the construction, repair, restoration, maintenance and preservation of aircraft, particularly historical Antique, Classic and Contemporary aircraft and engines;
  3. Host meetings, displays and educational programs relating to aviation with emphasis on restoration, maintenance and care of historical Antique, Classic and Contemporary aircraft;
  4. Improve aviation safety and aviation education;
  5. Band together those persons interested in historical Antique, Classic and Contemporary aircraft for their mutual pleasure, recreation and education.

Local VAA Chapters whose members are active restorers and enthusiasts work to keep vintage aircraft in the air and flying for the pleasure and education of themselves and the public at large.

The core of VAA is its volunteers … from the person parking airplanes on the flightline to the directors and officers, all those who volunteer their time throughout the year are the engine that keeps the dream aloft. During the annual EAA AirVenture Oshkosh and regional fly-ins, hundreds of people donate their time to ensure that all members enjoy themselves. In the process, they find a new and sometimes surprising benefit of volunteerism … meeting their fellow volunteers. For many it’s not just the airplanes that bring them back every year, but the many friends they’ve made as they worked side-by-side.

EAA’s world-class AirVenture Museum benefits from VAA contributions. The public gets to see the aircraft of yesterday at the museum’s Pioneer Airport, located behind the EAA Aviation Center. The association contributes to the operation of Pioneer in all respects, from sponsoring displays and hangars on the field to the volunteer contributions of time by VAA members who help staff the airport during the flying season.

The VAA is an active supporter of EAA’s Young Eagles Program. Its members thoroughly enjoy sharing the enjoyment of flight with youth around the world.

Hall of Fame – Vintage Aircraft Association
Each year the VAA recognizes one person who has contributed greatly to aviation. Their contribution could be in the areas of flying, design, mechanical or aerodynamic developments, administration, writing, or some other vital, relevant field; or any combination of fields that support aviation.


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