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Geoff Says…

Geoff Robison

Welcome to the second edition of the EAA Vintage Aircraft Association’s Vintage AirMail e-Newsletter.

I hope you are enjoying what we are offering here in these bi-monthly publications. This month’s edition includes the return of the “Mystery Plane” that was previously a part of the Vintage Airplane magazine. So be sure to forward your answers as instructed in the article, and let’s get back to enjoying this fun piece.

The clock is ticking down and Oshkosh 2013 is fast approaching. Now is the time to begin the process of preparing for your arrival at the world’s greatest aviation event.

While we are all disappointed to hear that the Wittman Regional Airport control tower is to close in April, we have been assured that air traffic operations during the EAA Convention will not be adversely affected.

EAA’s vice president of advocacy and safety, Sean Elliott, recently reported that his group is continuing to work with FAA officials to ensure that the highest levels of safety and coordination are maintained when Wittman Regional Airport again becomes the world’s busiest airport during the annual EAA convention.

I thoroughly enjoyed Jack Pelton’s column in the April issue of Sport Aviation where he described the extensive value of our thousands of EAA volunteers who are virtually the backbone of the annual EAA convention in Oshkosh each year.

Jack stated that these greatly valued volunteers are “the” reason we are known as the “World’s premier aviation event” of the year, and I heartily join him in thanking these very generous individuals and the many generations of these volunteers by celebrating National Volunteer Week during April of each year.

To these many EAAers who have accomplished so much over these 60 plus years of volunteering at this annual celebration of flight, I too offer my heartfelt thanks.

When you see Jack at Oshkosh this year I suggest you pat him on the back and thank him for being a valued and dedicated volunteer as well.

We have a lot of room on this site to include any number of items of advertising. So if you happen to know anyone who may be interested in advertising here or in our magazine please reach out and let us know.

Thanks for being a Member, and we will “See you at Oshkosh.”

The adventure lives on!
Georff Robison

Geoff Robison
President, EAA Vintage Aircraft Association

Excitement Builds for Round-Engine Rodeo

Round-Engine RodeoMarch 28, 2013 – Reaction to EAA Vintage Aircraft Association’s Round-Engine Rodeo plans at AirVenture 2013 has been extremely positive, according to Steve Krog, one of its main organizers of activities both in Oshkosh and at the preconvention staging area, Hartford Municipal Airport.

Round Engine Rodeo Image“The excitement is really building,” he said. “We’ve heard from several people with new or nearly complete restorations as well as other unique aircraft who plan to attend.” Although he did not want to announce any airplanes before confirmed, Krog noted that “an airplane appearing on the cover of the March Sport Aviation” is expected to be here… (read more)

Back by popular demand – The Mystery Airplane.

Click here or on the image below for a larger image and to submit your solution to the mystery… Those who correctly identify the mystery plane will be announced in the next Vintage AirMail.

Mystery Plane

Airport Action: Massey Aerodrome – A “Grassroots Airport”
By Ron Alexander

Grassroots AirportIt is amazing to me just how many so called “grassroots” airports there are around the country.  Most of them focus on antique and classic airplanes.  The dictionary refers to the word grassroot as being ordinary or common.  It also mentions ordinary people.  With that in mind, I would define a grassroot  airport as one that is accessible to all people and one that is built by and staffed by people who really care about the origin of aviation and how to preserve aviation history.

A grassroots airport is one that does not have a fence around it keeping the public out.  It is one that allows people to get “up close and personal” with the airplanes in a safe manner. It can also be called a living Grassroots Airport airport reminiscent of rural airports of the past. Basically, it is a small community of pilots and aircraft owners who love their airplanes and want to share their love and enthusiasm with other people including both pilots and people who are not pilots.  One such airport that exists today and meets these criteria is Massey Aerodrome.  Massey is located on the eastern shore of Maryland… (read more)

Baker-Alexander VAA Director Ron Alexander and VAA Member Winn Baker to be inducted into Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame

March 28, 2013 – Vintage Aircraft Association Director Ron Alexander (EAA 137890, Warbirds 594155, VAA 27150) and Longtime Vintage member Samuel “Winn” Baker (EAA 56086, Warbirds 10588, VAA 8415)will be inducted into the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame on April 27 during the 2013 Annual Enshrinement Banquet at the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins, Georgia …(read more)

REMINDER: 2013 AirVenture Vintage Volunteer Work Weekends

April 19-21, May 17-19, and June 21-23.  If you are interested in helping out and getting to know some great people, contact Chairman Mike Blombach… (read more)

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Discover and Learn: 2013 EAA Homebuilding Workshops

SportAir WorkshopsBuilding or restoring isn’t daunting as long as you have the basic skills and confidence to do it right. That’s where EAA’s SportAir Workshops are perfect. Master instructors help you discover your own abilities in a variety of aviation skills from welding to fabric covering.
View the 2013 schedule

The Adventure Lives On…

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